Squirrel Pest Control

Squirrel Pest Treatment in London

The problem of squirrel infestations is on the increase in residential areas, with these creatures gaining access to lofts and voids by gnawing through external features like fascia or soffit boards and gradually making their way inside.

Their bushy tails may make squirrels more appealing than other pests like rats or insects, but just because you’ve enjoyed feeding grey squirrels in the park doesn’t mean you should take their presence in your home lightly.

Squirrels can be easier to spot than rats or mice, as they make more noise and tend to scurry through areas which are more obvious to the human inhabitants. They have a habit of gnawing through pipes and cables which can lead to damage caused by fire or flooding.

If you do spot squirrels around your property or notice that external architecture is damaged or has holes in, it’s importantly to act quickly to deal with the problem.

At DK ENVIRONMENTAL we use proven trapping methods to solve infestations quickly, we avoid using rodenticides as this can cause bad smells and attract unwanted insects.

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