Rat Pest Control

Rat Pest Treatment in London

Rats can carry a variety of a nasty diseases and because they mark their territory with urine, in the same way cats and dogs do, they can easily spread diseases like typhus and salmonella by urinating in areas where food is stored and prepared.

They are also just as keen as mice at nibbling and gnawing on important structures within a property, such as wires and pipes, which can cause indirect damage if a pipe were to burst and cause water damage.

As well as extensive damage to households, a rat infestation can also damage the reputation of a business, requiring action from local health authorities if the problem is not sorted out quickly and affects the health of customers.

At DK Environmental our professional technicians will survey the property to secure any potential entry points. Not all infestations are the same, so we will assess the situation and use the specific treatments and products that best fit your needs. The use of rodenticides to solve the problem is not always the best solution, as the chemicals can leave smells that linger and attract other pests. We will treat the problem in a way that protects your home and business with fewer side-effects.

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