Mouse Proofing

Professional Mouse Proofing in London

The common mouse is found through the UK, in villages, towns and large cities and although they’re cute and often kept as pets, if they’re allowed to run wild they can cause significant damage within a home.

There are two different types of mouse that it’s worth keeping an eye out for, the field mouse and the smaller brown or grey house mouse. The size of these rodents often makes it difficult to spot them and they can live in a house without the occupants being aware. Small holes, nooks and crannies are perfect for mice to move around and hide in wall cavities.

The damage they can cause to pipes, wiring, food containers and insulation can be significant so it’s important to not only remove the mice, but also identify where the infestation started so that it can be stopped from reoccurring.

Our team can ensure that potential points of entry are secured and make recommendations on how to prevent further infestations. A mice survey is charged at £79 plus VAT (deductible from any subsequent treatment).

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