Rodent Infestation Removal

Rodent infestation is an becoming increasingly problematic for both home-owners and businesses alike.

Rodents such as rats and mice have the ability to pass on diseases, contaminate food and cause structural damage to buildings. DK Environmental are skilled pest controllers with experience in identifying the source of many rodent infestations and safely removing them.

Mouse extermination

Mice infestations are very common, especially in large cities like London. Older Victorian buildings leave plenty of holes…

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Mouse proofing

The common mouse is found through the UK, in villages, towns and large cities and although they’re cute and often kept…

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Rat pest control

Rats can carry a variety of a nasty diseases and because they mark their territory with urine, in the same way cats and dogs do…

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Squirrel pest control

Their bushy tails may make squirrels more appealing than other pests like rats or insects, but just because you’ve…

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