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Fox Treatment in London

Fox Control and Removal

The red fox is native to Britain and what was previously a rural animal is now widespread in cities, towns and the countryside. Foxes have thrived in urban areas thanks to the easy availability of food scraps and places to shelter in residential areas.

Foxes are nocturnal, mainly moving around at night, but having become used to living around humans, can also be seen moving through neighbourhoods during the day.

Although some people find foxes cute and they can behave like domesticated pets, they can be dangerous and do carry diseases that can be spread to both pets and people.

They may be attracted to gardens by food that is left out for other animals or to food waste that is not properly secured. Check under sheds and other sheltered garden areas for signs that foxes have been active.

Which areas do you cover?2020-07-02T22:39:25+00:00

We cover all areas of Twickenham, Teddington, Hounslow, Richmond and West London, as well as East and West Sussex. If you’re not sure if you’re covered, drop us a quick message.

Are your quotes free?2020-07-02T22:39:47+00:00

Yes our quotes are completely free and no obligation.

How can I prevent further infestations?2020-07-02T22:48:17+00:00

1. Seal up all cracks that might allow pests in.
2. Keep your garden as tidy and maintained as possible.
3. Check your gutters and keep them clean and in good condition.
4. Don’t stockpile rubbish
5. Keep your house clean

If all else fails, call us!

What does the treatment involve?2020-07-02T22:53:46+00:00

Treatments will vary depending on the type of pest and infestation you have. Typically, we will inspect your property, check for damage and inspect the infestation. Once we are happy we know what the problem is, we will treat the affected areas and talk to you about how to prevent further infestations.

Are you insured?2020-07-02T22:42:13+00:00

Yes we are fully insured and licensed pest controllers.

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