Mole Pest Control

Mole Control and Removal in London

Mole Control and Removal

If you’ve noticed damage to your garden, sports field, fairway or other grassy area, the pest responsible might be a mole.

Moles can dig up to 4 meters an hour and this constant digging can quickly damage otherwise pristine lawns, ruining golf and bowling facilities and flower beds. The complex tunnel systems they build can damage the roots of plants and expose debris that damages expensive gardening equipment.

Moles have poor vision and as such rely on their heightened sense of touch to find their way around and to find food. They are insectivores, with a diet consisting of different bugs, worms and insects, so areas that are attractive to insects, particularly earthworms, will be a desirable habitat for moles.

A heavy infestation of moles can create significant damage, including in the foundations of a property, which means it’s important to tackle the problem as soon as possible. If you spot signs of a mole infestation, take prompt action.

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