Golf Course Pest Control

Trouble with pests in your golf course? Get in touch!

Golf Course Pest Control

We help  golf course owners quickly and efficiently deal with pest problems. If you need pest control services for your golf course then get in touch to find out more about how we can help you.

Golf courses prove to be difficult to manage with foxes, moles and other pests interrupting your customers experience. Depending on where you are based you may be facing different types of pest problems. Larger towns can attract rodents, who hide in basements and gaps in larger buildings. Dwellings in the countryside may attract a wider range of wildlife, including birds, insects and small rodents like moles.

If you need help with golf course pest control we can help! Although birds aren’t always top of the list when it comes to the nastiest pests, they can spread disease and their droppings can stain exterior fixtures, fittings and cars. If you’re a business owner the last thing you want is birds bothering your customers and staining your property.

As well as birds we can also help with a wide range of other pests, including ratsants, squirrels and moles. So make sure to contact us before the problem gets out of hand.

Because we’re locally based we’ve helped people in towns and villages all over West Sussex. We know the types of pests that typically cause trouble and can use the best techniques to take care of your pest problem.

So if you have a problem with pests on your golf course, get in touch and we’ll sort those pests out as efficiently as we can.

Reasons to Choose DK Environmental

  • Reliable and trustworthy

  • Knowledgable of the local area

  • Competitive pricing

  • Respectful of your property

  • Professional and qualified controllers

  • Humane, environmentally-friendly pest control solutions

If you need a great golf course pest controller contact us now for a free, no-obligation quote.

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