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Moths tend to hide in dark areas, such as under furniture or in gaps under skirting boards, which can mean it’s hard to spot them. If they aren’t detected they can cause a full-on infestation without inhabitants even realising. Once established within a property they can cause damage to fabrics, like clothing, carpeting and soft furnishings. Moths seek out Keratin, which is used in wool-based items like carpets and jumpers. 

The female moth will lay over 40 eggs which will then hatch during the summer and even into winter. In fact, well insulated properties can create conditions which allow moths to thrive well beyond the summer months.

Keeping doors and windows closed while lights are on can stop moths from entering the property and breeding. If a moth infestation has taken hold, it’s important to deal with the problem before they begin to cause damage to expensive upholstery and clothing.

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