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Fly Infestation Removal

It’s challenging to stop flies getting into your property, and even one fly, if ignored, can start to lay eggs that will eventually lead to a serious infestation. Once this infestation takes hold within a domestic or commercial property it can lead to the spread of diseases like E. coli and Salmonella, which pose a serious threat to humans, pets and other animals.

There are many different species of flies that can start an infestation, including Fruit Flies, Blowflies and House Flies, each thrives in different areas and requires a specific plan for how to get rid of them and stop the problem from getting out of control.

Taking a preventative approach can help reduce the need for more expensive treatments if the problem gets out of hand. So if you spot an unusual amount of flies in or around your property or see dead flies on window sills or other surfaces, it could indicate the beginning of a bigger infestation.

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