Birds Pest Control


Birds may not have the bad reputation of other pests like rats and mice, but they can still cause real damage when active in the wrong areas. 

Droppings from birds like pigeons and seagulls can damage property by staining and creating nasty smells. They also can dislodge roof tiles, block guttering and make nests in places that may cause indirect damage to the property.

Birds can also be aggressive pests, attacking customers, stealing food and generally causing a nuisance with unwanted noise. They can also spread disease like Ornithosis, E.coli and Salmonella and cause insect infestations.

All of which can damage property and your reputation when it comes to providing a high-quality service, impacting your business financially in the short and long-term. Adopting birds pest control measures as quickly as possible can significantly reduce the impact birds can have.

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