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Oriental Cockroach Treatment in London

Oriental Cockroach Infestation Removal

The Oriental cockroach is larger than the German version of the species, a fully grown adult male will be up to 29mm in length, with the female slightly smaller, between 20 and 27mm. Whereas a German cockroach is brown in colour, the Oriental cockroach has a glossy black appearance.

They are harder to get rid of than other cockroaches as they can harbour outdoors as well as inside, coping with lower temperatures. They thrive in dark, moist places, so boiler rooms, sewage systems, bathrooms and organic matter are locations where infestations are most likely to start.

They can easily move around properties, meaning that a block of flats may be particularly susceptible to infestations that take over multiple homes. They will feed on a wide range of things, including waste food and faecal matter and can survive several months without food.

Professional and specific treatment is needed for this kind of pest, otherwise the likelihood of return is greatly increased and will ultimately lead to a higher cost and more difficult removal.

What pest control services do you offer?2021-12-01T21:25:48+00:00

Our pest control services cater for all types of pests including rodents, crawling pests, flying pests and large pests. These include rats, mice, squirrels, ants, bed bugs, silverfish, cockroaches, spiders, wasps, horrnets, birds, moths, silverfish, foxes, moles and more. If the pests you require are not listed here, contact our expert team today to see if we can offer a solution on 0208 1388 363.

Which areas do your pest control services cover?2021-12-01T21:19:44+00:00

We cover all areas of Twickenham, Teddington, Hounslow, Richmond and West London, as well as East and West Sussex. If you’re not sure if you’re covered, drop us a quick message or contact us by calling direct on 0208 1388 363.

Do you offer free estimates?2021-12-01T21:27:39+00:00

Yes, we do offer free estimates for all jobs. All our estimations and quotes are provided on a no obligation basis and we are happy to advise if and when needed.

How can I prevent further infestations?2020-07-02T22:48:17+00:00

1. Seal up all cracks that might allow pests in.
2. Keep your garden as tidy and maintained as possible.
3. Check your gutters and keep them clean and in good condition.
4. Don’t stockpile rubbish
5. Keep your house clean

If all else fails, call us!

What does the treatment involve?2020-07-02T22:53:46+00:00

Treatments will vary depending on the type of pest and infestation you have. Typically, we will inspect your property, check for damage and inspect the infestation. Once we are happy we know what the problem is, we will treat the affected areas and talk to you about how to prevent further infestations.

Are you insured to carry out pest control services?2021-12-01T20:34:55+00:00

Yes, our whole team is fully insured and licensed pest controllers who can carry out our pest control services at both domestic and commercial properties.

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