German Cockroach Pest Control

German Cockroach Treatment in London

German cockroaches don’t tend to fare very well outdoors in the British climate, so in the UK they are typically found inside of a property. They particularly thrive in warm conditions, e.g. in kitchens where appliances provide a consistent source of warmth or in boiler cupboards or boiler rooms in commercial properties. They can also be found in bathroom areas, where the network of pipes provides them with an easy way to travel around a dwelling.

After mating they will produce 4 to 6 egg cases, with each case containing upwards of 40 eggs. The typical lifecycle from egg to adult will take around 3 months. They can be recognised by their light brown tan and an adult cockroach will grow up to 16mm in length usually.

Cockroaches breed in large numbers and can carry diseases such as Lyposis and Salmonella, contaminating food, utensils, cutlery and work surfaces, dangerous to both private and commercial property, as well as the health of individuals and customers.

Dealing with them quickly is incredibly important and if you live in a block of flats it might mean coordinating with your neighbours, as the source of the infestation may not be in your property.

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