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Ants are highly organised social insects that are found in households across the country, particularly in the summer months. One colony may contain over 5000 worker ants, but occasionally can be up to twice this size. The workers will seek out food to feed the Queen Ant and are particularly attracted to sweet foodstuffs. 

They can usually be found in moist areas, such as under pot plants, in the cracks in a patio and also in woodwork. Well insulated homes and underfloor heating actually encourage ants as it gives them a warm place to nest in a household, where there may also be a ready supply of food to bring to the colony.

Once the ants have established a nest in a household they will seek out food, usually easily found in the form of crumbs that can fall between crevices or be inadvertently swept under cupboards and other furniture. 

Ensuring that your property is kept as clean as possible can cut off their food supply and discourage growth of a particular colony. Ensuring that household waste is properly secured and removed can also prevent them finding small food particles. If you spot a number of ants moving from one location to another, this may indicate the presence of a nest that will need to be dealt with by professional pest controllers.

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